Self-discipline,closer you
and the classroom distance

We-here for Android/IOS/Wechat
Supports multiple systems and terminals

  • WeChat
  • Iphone
  • Android

Focuing-think is wisdom
Interaction with many people

Use the label, roll call no longer waste time
Allow more time to teach and receive knowledge

  • Bluetooth
  • Qr code
  • Manual retroactive

Make brain richer

Gps, time, attendance rate, a variety of data display,make statements simple and clear

  • GPS
  • Cloud
Roll call/Check in

Scan the download APP

1、Scan the above qr code for download
2、Click on the below “Click on the download” 
Download the app installation package

(The lok APP supports roll call and check-in,support Android/iOS)

Sign in
WeChat small program qr code
WeChat public qr code

1、Use WeChat to scan the qr code and enter directlySign up for registration
2、Scan the WeChat qr code subscription,Click "I want to check in" and enter the WeChat program
3、Click on the small program in WeChat,The input “Le sign the name” ,Click enter to sign in

(The small program currently only supports check-in,For more functions, please download the APP)

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